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Barbara Promberger winner in CEI2** 120 km

The sixth edition of Shaghya Arabian Cup was also the National Championship and International Endurance and was held on 7 Sepetember at Buftea, Ilfov, Romania

This endurance event hosted as well all the levels of National competition ( 30km up to 80km) as international CEI1*and CEI2** rides.

Overall, the organization was perfect and of the standard of many high level endurance events !   The entries, not yet very numerous, were satisfactory altogether and spread rather equally over the different distances on offer. The “head organiser” Viorel Dabija and his team can be congratulated for the good work. Elimination rates were reasonable and despite the hot weather, no horses have been in metabolic distress or needed vet-treatment during or at the end of the ride.

The location close to Bucarest, near the Otopeni airport, and thus of easy access.
The vet-gate is located on the premises of National Football Training Center: 
There is accommodation available on the spot for officials /participants, located between vet-gate and stables, normally used for the football athletes.
The region is essentially flat, has large agricultural parcels of regular form that are adjoined by forests with many natural water-points. I have heard no complaining about quality of the going. 

There is a roomy, flat area for vet-gate, grooming area  and stables in the close vicinity of the vetting area. .
There is no permanent boxes available, but  renting of temporary boxes of good size and safe construction  in ample numbers, installed the horses adequately. Quality straw and hay was available in sufficient quantities  Water also on the spot. Stables quiet over night before the ride , ample lanes between the lines of boxes to prepare the horses safely. Overall a calm atmosphere around the horses.
International riders (Bulgaria) were welcomed healthily and helped when necessary. A good atmosphere of sportsmanship was experienced.
VIP-tent for local authorities and bigger tent for officials and administration office.
Hospitality for officials very good (in Football training center or hotel downtown )
Attractive booths with variety of drinks and light food (coffee-bike) available (for free for the officials), good set-up for public.
Teams of vet’s and ground jury and stewards were ample and seemed to run well
The timing and results was done by the very experienced and perfectly running STYRIA TEAM, helped by local secretaries satisfying in their jobs . The heart-beat measurements were visible on screens for each lane for the international competitions.
Official time and “decount-time” shown at start-gate transponders available in due time before the start of first loop.
A series of small party-tents for shadow for horses when checked and vet’s and their stewards.

Podium 120 km

Podium 90 km

50 horses participated in the international and national competition
Loops are successive extensions of basic 15km loop, with good variety in the further parts of the loops (40km / 30 km / 20 km).
The marking on the course was efficiently done by one of the experienced riders of Romania. No complaints from the riders cc going nor cc marking of the loops
Water amply available on the loops + natural water points.
Large grooming area and good trotting area in the vet-gate.
Despite all distances were run on the same day, there were sufficient trotting lanes, clearly / safely marked off.
Very large screens available for map of loops and for intermediate.
Ample trophy’s, even for best condition. Prize-money for international rides (3000 euro in total for the CEI-rides). 

Source: Club Sportiv Shagya / Photos : Luxury Photo-Video

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