Egyto LA and Gunther Rach star in the most thrilling finish in the HARC Classic

The 2019 Arabian Horse Racing season in Brazil could not have started on a better date. The Classic Heritage Arabian Racing Club, the first race of the year, was held on Sunday, May 5, opening the schedule of the day of the São Paulo Grand Prix at the Hipódromo de Cidade Jardim, Jockey Club of São Paulo.

The seven debutant animals in races could be observed and admired by a large audience. And the race had one of the most disputed and exciting finals in the history of Arabian horse races in Brazil, with Egyto LA winning by just one muzzle ahead of Gunther Rach.

The winner of the Classic Heritage Arabian Racing Club, Egyto LA, son of the national halter champions Magnum Chall HVP X *HLP Darkyna Fame by Legacy Of Fame, was bred by Leandro de Aguiar; is owned by Stud Magal; was ridden by Antônio Mesquita, in his third race for Arabian horses, and was trained by Amasilio Magalhães Filho.

From the start, three horses stood out in the race for the first place: Egyto LA, Gunther Rach (Eksort Rach X Geneve AJR by Second Chall) and Vigilius Rach (Thunder Rach X Vienna Rach by Aleksander Rach). In the final part of the line, the three have distanced themselves from the others and the fight for the first place became electrifying. Egyto LA and Gunther Rach opened two bodies on Vigilius Rach and by a snout, Egyto LA won the race.

"Since joining the Jockey Club, Magalhães (trainer) has asked me to train Egyto LA and two mares, Catarina LA (fourth place) and Cigarra LA (sixth place) and during the week I intensified the training and preferred to ride him on the race. He dropped very well and in the first 400 meters I saw that Gunther Rach approached outside and would be my great opponent, but in the end we won by a snout. It was one of the most exciting arrivals I've seen in Cidade Jardim in all these years that I ride and run here, "said Mesquita.

"I am very happy with the victory of the Egyto LA. It was a much disputed race with an exciting arrival. This initiative of the Brazilian Arabian Horse Breeders Association (ABCCA), led by Almir José Ribeiro and the brothers Saliba, together with the Jockey Club of São Paulo, is very important for the breed, as it shows all the sporting aptitude of our horse and opens a new market for breeders. I have four horses at Cidade Jardim today and I intend to send more animals to the races, "said Leandro de Aguiar.

Trainer Luiz Quintana and Rach Stud, breeder, won the second and third places with Gunther Rach (Eksort Rach X Geneve AJR by Second Chall), ride by  V. Souza, and Vigilius Rach (Thunder Rach X Vienna Rach by Aleksander Rach), ridden by M. Silva, respectively.

"We were very happy with the debut of our two foals and despite the defeat by inches; we are very pleased with the excitement of the arrival! We congratulate the new owner Stud Magal and the breeder of Egyto LA, our friend Leandro de Aguiar, who has just joined the group of Arabian Horse Racing enthusiasts, "said Paulo Jamil Saliba, owner of Gunther Rach.

"For us it was excellent because they are two foals of a new generation especially thought for races. The animals are in the beginning of preparation and training and the tendency is for them to evolve and win. Gunther Rach is the son of Eksort Rach, endurance horse that has completed two tests of 160 km, and Geneve AJR, Nadja AJR’ sister, twice champion of the National Female races. And Vigilius Rach is the son of Thunder Rach, a horse that won four second places in Cidade Jardim, and Vienna Rach, mother of Vertente Rach who also won races. That is, we are betting a lot on this new Rach generation", said Ricardo Jamil Saliba, owner of Vigilius Rach.

"Opening the afternoon of the GP São Paulo was a great responsibility for the Arabian Horses and shows the importance that the Arabian Horse Races in Brazil has been having with each new year that begins. This year our calendar has already confirmed 15 races, with the support of ABCCA, its board of directors, its breeders and their owners along with the sponsorship of HARC (Heritage Arabian Racing Club) that will surely be a success. Thank you to all who have believed and continued to believe in our work and a special thanks to HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Heritage Club of Abu Dhabi who once again made our dream a reality! God Bless You!" said Almir José Ribeiro, Racing Director of ABCCA and Member of the Board of HARC (Heritage Arabian Racing Club).

The Heritage Classic Arabian Racing Club was organized by the Brazilian Arabian Horse Breeders Association (ABCCA) in partnership with the Jockey Club of São Paulo and was sponsored by HARC.

Text and photos: Cidinha Franzão

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