Mahatma Rach wins in his debut with a new record for colts

Paulo Jamil Saliba is very happy with 1-2 at the Desert 's Heritage Prize (Prêmio Heranças do Deserto), which had the new young Heritage Arabian Horses debuting in races, in total 7 horses with 3 years & older raced in 1000 meters turf, held on June 22 at the Hipódromo de Cidade Jardim, Jockey Club of São Paulo.

The debutant Mahatma Rach (Sarmata X Magic All Rach by Ulisses Rach) was very well led by L Souza and completed the 1000 meters in 1: 05: 197, with five lengths ahead of Gunther Rach (Eksort Rach X Geneve AJR by Second Chall) which was set up by M Ribeiro. Both are trained by Lucas Quintana, owned by Paulo Jamil Saliba and breeding by Rach Stud.

Gunther Rach, who debuted in races this year, has showed all his energy, fitness and consistency. Until now he finished the first three races in second place and his victory will be only a matter of time.

Just after the start, Gunther Rach, inside, and Mahatma Rach, on the outside, have already shown that they were running to win. In the final 250 meters, the two horses from Rach Stud opened five lengths of advantage of the others and fight for the first place, with advantage to Mahatma Rach that crossed in the first place.

"Mahatma trained very well. It made 400ms at 26s midweek, so I thought he could run really well and even win, but I did not expect him to do it so firmly. Gunther showed his regularity, reached for the third time the second place, and is improving with each race. I think he will soon be among the winners. Me and my brother Ricardo are very happy with the result, "said owner Paulo Jamil Saliba.

Farouk AJR (Feitizzo Rach X Fascinacion by Adventure Aladin), started at the last position and made a brilliantly led by F Larroque crossing the finish line in third. Farouk AJR is trained by GL Santos, owned by Ricardo Lahoz, and breed by Racing Director of the Brazilian Arabian Horse Breeders Association (ABCCA), Almir Ribeiro, that was also happy with the results.

Mr Ribeiro emphasized the importance of Heritage Arabian Racing Club (HARC) supporting the Arabian Racing around the world as he said “HH Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan with his vision and generosity is encouraging the Arabian Breeders around the world to continue their breeding program with classical Arabian Horses showing not only their beauty, but also their sport ability for racing. We also need to thanks again for the Brazilian Arabian Horse Breeders Association (ABCCA) and Sao Paulo Jockey Club to trust on the Arabian Horse Racing in Brazil.

The Desert's Heritage Prize (Heranças do Deserto) was sponsored by Heritage Arabian Racing Club (HARC) and organized by the Brazilian Arabian Horse Breeders Association (ABCCA) and Sao Paulo Jockey Club.

Text and photos: Cidinha Franzão

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