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The strongest in Italy are women
Kissed by the sun the three strongest women in Italy!

The 2019 Equiplanet Absolute Italian Championships were held at the Horse Country Resort & Spa in  Arborea (OR) on 18-19 May.

Despite the adverse weather forecasts, the sun wanted to kiss the three strongest women in Italy starting with the gold of Carolina Tavassoli Asli riding Valda du Vallois. The teammate and award-winning Costanza Laliscia riding Rok won the silver medal, after losing an iron a few miles from the arrival.
Bronze medal to Isabella Bonetto riding Ottello with the applause of a lot of people who came to the beautiful grounds of the Resort.

Carolina Tavassoli Asli riding Valda du Vallois

A race started at 5.00 am, in absolute darkness and with a strong wind which made the race more difficult.

15 the pairings that got together under the start  banner in search of that place in the sun that decided in the afternoon to kiss the trained and strong amazons.

Spectacular and very ancient, the discipline of the Endurance is, as the name suggests, a resistance race between horses, and Horse Country Resort of Arborea (OR) has been hosting major national and international events for several years. The Equiplanet Absolute Italian Championship CEI3 * took place on Saturday 18 May.

Costanza Laliscia riding Rok

Sunday, May 19, the Italian Cup was in the categories CEI1 * from 90km, CEI2 * from 120km and CEI2 * J / YR from 120km.
On the same day the competitions of the Sardinia Cup Stage were held - Agris Circuit in the categories Debutanti, CEN-A / CEN-B.

Saturday evening there were the award ceremonies of the Equiplanet Absolute Italian Championship CEI3 * at the Horse Country Resort Saloon where a Sardinian themed evening was organized with bands, artists, performers, music, traditional dances and a tasting of eno - gastronomic products - typical Sardinian food and wine.

The course, judged by the riders and experts as one of the most comfortable, pleasant and safe on the international endurance scene, consists of 4 rings: 36 km red, 25 km each yellow and 20 km green.

From the "Camminiere" with a sandy and grassy terrain that characterizes the area of ​​the Gulf of Oristano, to the pond of S'Ena Arrubia, home of the pink flamingos up to the picturesque fishing village of Marceddì: these are just some of the scenic wonders that will accompany horses and riders from all over the world during the race.

Isabella Bonetto riding Ottello

The event is organized by Horse Country Resort in collaboration with FISE, the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports, with the support of Agris, the Agency for research in agriculture of the Sardinia Region, the Municipality of Arborea and Terralba, and Antonio Sardo Setzi Saddles and ACME.

Horse Country Resort, born to give hospitality to horse lovers and equestrian sports practitioners, is equipped with numerous services such as 315 rooms, 58 small villas, 4 restaurants, 3 bars, Spa, 2 swimming pools, congress hall, private beach, shop, amphitheater and sports fields.The Equestrian Center, one of the largest in Europe, has a budding competition field from which the Endurance race will start. There are also two sand courts for heating and the practice of western and English riding and a covered field (of 6000 square meters) for mounting all year round.

"The riders have found a pleasant and comfortable environment where they can relax to compete in the best conditions; as well as the horses, which have at their disposal comfortable over-sized boxes (4.5m x 4.5m) to rest before and after the race.It is a pleasure and an honor for us to be able to host an event of this magnitude and support the Federation and the entire national equestrian movement”, said Riccardo Giachino, President of the Organizing Committee and Administrator of the Horse Country Resort in Arborea.

FISE President Marco Di Paola said: "The peculiarity of equestrian sports  is to see two athletes at work: the man and the horse. The Endurance discipline, in particular, allows those who love to practice this fantastic specialty, at an amateur and competitive level, to be in contact with nature. Our Italy is full of architectural, cultural and naturalistic beauties, which have the continuous need to be valued. This is also the purpose of our sport, to link competitive discipline to culture and why not to tourism. It is also for this reason that the Italian Equestrian Sport Federation has decided to assign the Italian Endurance Equiplanet Absolute Championship to Arborea. A magnificent land, Sardinia, will be the stage; to make headquarters one of the most beautiful and functional structures in the area: the Horse Country Resort, which perfectly combines the concept of sport and tourism".

Source: Horse Country Resort / Photos: Oreste Testa
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