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Kalia Des Cygnes gives to the UAE the Young Horses World Championship
Kalia des Cygnes, of the M7 Stables, mounted by Suhail Ali Rashed Ali Al Ghailani, wins before the Spanish pair composed of Lepanto de Guadarranque and Gil Berenguer Carrera. Third are the French C’Pieraz du Vialaret and Melody Theolissant

The Young Horses World Championship in the name of the United Arab Emirates that the last day of Toscana Endurance Lifestyle 2019 complete the clean sweep of victories that characterized the three-day San Rossore.

The Meydan World Endurance Championship Young Horses 2019 was won by Kalia des Cygnes, who along with Suhail Ali Rashed Ali Al Ghailani crossed the finish line ahead of the Spanish combination of Lepanto de Guadarranque and Gil Berenguer Carrera.

Kalia des Cygnes and Suhail Ali Rashed Ali Al Ghailani ended a race from the first to the last of the planned 120 kilometers with an average speed of 23.32 km / h. Only the binomial of Spain managed to keep their rhythm along the straight and in the woods of San Rossore.

The rest of the group, instead, had to fall back on a more conservative tactic in order to finish the race and overcome the final veterinary inspecion. In third place with 15'41 "of late from the leaders, after a comeback set in the name of regularity, he closed the French pair formed by C’Pieraz du Vialaret and the expert Melody Theolissant. First of the Italians was Filodendro, who together with Caterina De Marchis took tenth place.

To enhance the performance of the young horses arrived in Pisa for the World Championship reserved for subjects up to 7 years, as had happened in the previous days on the occasion of the awarding of the FED Meydan World Endurance Championship Young Riders & Juniors 2019 and the HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid At the Maktoum Italy Endurance Festival 2019, it was once again the San Rossore track.

And the temperature a few degrees lower than in the previous days has created even more advantageous conditions for the champions of the future to succeed in giving their best.

With the award ceremony of the Meydan World Endurance Championship FEI Young Horses 2019 the curtain fell on the races of a Toscana Endurance Lifestyle, which from a technical point of view have reaffirmed the leadership of the United Arab Emirates worldwide: the budget speaks of four first, second and third place, three second places for Spain and third place each for Italy, Portugal and France.

Source: / Photos: Oreste Testa

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