Cidinha Franzão

Publisher / Journalist / Photographer

Equestrian journalist and photographer since 2000 covering Endurance rides, Arabian Horse Flat Racing and Arabian Show Horses Exhibitions;

International correspondent in South America of the Endurance World Magazine (Abu Dhabi), Endurance World On Line (Dubai); Solocaballos Endurance (Argentina); Hipismo Uruguay and Endurance Horse Magazine in South Africa.

Has traveled around the world covering the main events concerning the Arabian Horse, that's her passion

Favio Lorenz

Publisher and Photographer

Favio Lorenz Argentine photographer specialized in photography in equestrian sports. His beginnings as a photographer were at the Military Riding School in Campo de Mayo. Passionate about the Arabian Horse, he specializes in photographing the Race in all its disciplines. In Campo de Mayo he is one of the official photographers of the Eventing competitions. He worked 10 years as a photographer in United Nations Blue Helmets.

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